Studying in USA – Timothy Pate- Interview

admin Since I met Tim (even though it was online), I knew that he is the perfect example for my new project on the blog. In the following weeks I will try to gather here objective opinions about students from other countries regarding their universities. So, here is the real truth about studying abroad!

1. What are you studying at Colorado State University?

Journalism and Technical Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.

2. Why Colorado State University?

CSU has an innovative journalism program. Where the University of Colorado – Boulder cut funding to its journalism program because of the decreasing popularity of print news, CSU placed emphasis on new and emerging technologies and made sure that its students gained knowledge of many aspects of journalism, including web design, photography, and public relations. I am also an Honor student and received enough scholarships and grants to make my education at CSU virtually free. Finally, I love the culture of Fort Collins, Colorado.

3. Have you been to another university for an exchange? Can you compare

the two experiences? 

I have not been to another university for an exchange, but I did participate in a Study Abroad program entitled “International Media Studies in Europe,” for which I visited and heard lectures at Ghent University in Belgium, Radboud University in the Netherlands, and Gutenberg University in Germany. The experiences are difficult to compare because we were constantly travelling in Europe and hearing lectures designed specifically for us. Both experiences have been great for me; in Europe I got to hear from students and professors who gave a perspective of the interactions among consumers and media in the European context, whereas here I have conducted my own research about American media and best practices here. I think having both perspectives has helped me to see media and communication in a more global way than might students who haven’t studied abroad.

4. What is different at Colorado State University? 

Most people are going to be proud of the university they attend, and I can say this is true for me as well. Even though I’m at a school with approximately 27,000 students, I have never had a class in which I didn’t feel as though I could talk directly with a professor to get help. CSU’s location in Fort Collins is also a huge plus: we’re right next to the mountains; Fort Collins’ downtown area is a lot of fun (and the bigger city of Denver is only an hour away); we’re located in the “Napa Valley of Beer” and there are lots of breweries nearby; and Fort Collins is an extremely biker-friendly town.

5. What are the prospective jobs for an american there?

In Fort Collins specifically, there is a lot of opportunity for work. The University employs plenty of people, but there are also some good businesses in the area. Like I said, there are lots of breweries with job opportunities, and the technology protection company Otterbox is based here. There are also engineering and technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Wolf Robotics in the area.

6. Do you have any other Romanian collegues?

None that I have met.

7. What should be the prospectives for a Romanian student going to study at Colorado State University?

Any international student coming to Colorado State University can expect a great experience, I believe. I have some friends (from Eastern Asia to the Middle East to Europe) who have studied here and loved it. There are lots of student organizations, so international students can expect to find a group of people who share their interests.

8. What about the fees? How much do you estimate the cost of living for one month and how much a Romanian student should pay for tuition fee in CSU?


This site should giveyou the information for which you are looking: I’m not an expert, but the international studies professional I have contact you might be able to provide more information.

 Moderator note!

For undergraduate/postgraduate admission:

Application fee : $ 50

400-500 words personal statement

Transcript from high-school(university)

Ielts/Toefl certificate

Letter of recommendation

SAT/ACT exams transcripts

Additional information about fees here.

9. Are there any scholarships for international students? If yes, what are the requirements for a fellowship? 

See above.

10. How do you rate CSU? And when I say rate, I am talking about the student life, money, tuition fee and the quality of education? 

I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience. I’m involved in four student organizations through which I have made lots of friends, and I like attending school functions as well. Our sports teams play Division 1 sports (the largest division nationally), so the games are always a blast. The student recreation center is one of the best in the country. The weather here ranges from snowy in the winter to bright and hot in the summer, so you get a little bit of everything. The University also offers plenty of student job opportunities (like my current one), so I can save money and do things I enjoy (like travelling). I think that the journalism department and the business school have offered tremendous quality of education, and I know that our science and art programs are also highly rated.

11. I know that the usual entry requirements are the SAT or ACT exams, Toefl and letters of recommendation + personal statement + transcript of the grades during the last graduated school. Did I miss anything, is there anything else?

Not that I can think of. That link I included above might say something about that as well.

12. Can you describe a normal day of life at university for you?

I usually go to the gym first thing in the morning. Then I come home and get ready and go to work. I work 3-5 hours per day before class. I schedule my classes to take up a block of time in the middle of the day. After that I go home and do homework or attend a meeting for an extracurricular organization. At night I like to spend time with my friends, go downtown, or do something outside if the weather is nice.

13. How do you think CSU can help a Romanian student?

Depending on the program, I think that CSU is a great school for preparing students – international or domestic – for life in the real world. From what I know, it is also a very good school for helping international students transition to life in a foreign country. I also think the students are welcoming, which is a plus for a student outside his or her native country.

14. Do you find studying abroad important? If yes, why?

Yes. Global perspective is essential today. What happens in one country impacts every other country. If you don’t have perspective on the way that countries interact, you will be at a disadvantage.

15. What do you think about our initiative? PlecLaStudii blog?

I think what you’re doing is important, especially if things are as bad as you say they are in the Romanian education system. You seem to be posting diligently and providing really good information for people who are interested in venturing outside of Romania to get their education.

16. Instead of an endspeech, do you think that we forgot something in our interview?

I don’t believe so. You seem to have covered all the bases quite well.

Thank you very much Tim and we wish you good luck with your degree! Hope everything turns as you wish!

Translation in Romanian will come out soon.

Photos : CSU

Source : Personal archive Tim Pate


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