Swedish Embassy Interview


Recently I had the great opportunity to be a guest of Sofia Alkin Stjernfeldt, the Consular and Migration officer from the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest. It was a real honor for me and a great opportunity for PlecLaStudii to find out more about studies in Sweden.

Here are the main aspects seen by me about the interview with Ms. Stjernfeldt!

Studying in Sweden is a great opportunity for every Romanian and EU citizen, as the studies are free, you save a lot of money and you have access to one of the best higher educational system in Europe. When talking about the studies in Sweden, you will be amazed of a friendly environment, an informal system of learning new things in different ways, modern campuses very well technologically equipped and you for sure can have an active role in a business because of the strong collaboration between the universities and companies.

As for jobs during the university, it depends from student profile to profile, there are jobs where you do not need to speak Swedish, but every student need to keep in mind that their priority is to learn and have to maintain a good balance between studying and working.Higher education in Sweden provides students with a global perspective, and opens the door to career possibilities in many fields of study.  More information about jobs can be found here. When talking about getting a job after taking a bachelor degree or a master degree in one field of study, it is highly dependable of each student’s skills and capabilities.

Famous Swedish corporate brands : Ericsson, IKEA, Volvo, Saab, AstraZeneca, Electrolux, ABB, Atlas Copco and H&M.

As for accommodation, the larger the city is the more expensive is the accommodation, it seems that this makes the difference even though the difference is slightly negligible. In a larger city is harder to find a room in a university campus and you have to rent a private one, as for the smaller cities where you can find easier rooms in university accommodation.

Living costs can go up to 7300 SEK, depending on each student’s style of life.

The Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest can only advice students about studies in Sweden, more information about studying in Sweden can be found on :

Swedish Council for Higher Education – information about university education, service for admissions and evaluation of foreign education either for studying or working.

Study in Sweden – database of information for studying in Sweden. Good facts and information on how to apply, scholarships and why study in Sweden.

University Admission – the national admission website where you can find your program/course and university requirements. This institution coordinates the whole admission process.

Swedish Higher Education Authority – the authority that ensures good quality education in Sweden but also international cooperation and equivalence to higher education especially within Europe according to the Bologna process.

Photo: Uppsala University

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Entrance_hall_of_Uppsala_University_main_building.jpg


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