Group INSEEC and Romanian students

banniere-inseec-msc-mba-582x259Do you want to be a romanian student at INSEEC in France? Stop waiting! Here you have the opportunity to study, work part-time and build a career 🙂

Dow-low you can find an interview with Sylvie HOVINE Recruitment and International Programs Manager at  Group Inseec (

What is different about INSEEC?

To understand really what is different about INSEEC you simply have to come and visit our campuses in France and especially in Bordeaux and Paris. You will thus feel the difference : studying and enjoying your day to day life in an environment that will give you all the opportunities to begin the best career  after your studies.

Where are the locations of the campuses of Groupe INSEEC?

In France in the main strategic areas  where Education, Business and Culture are in the heart of the cities : Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry in the French Alps. We also have campuses In London, Chicago, Monaco and very soon in San Francisco.

What are the minimum entry requirements for INSEEC?

Mainly very good academic records + proof of English proficiency will be required for all our INSEEC programs.

Teel us more about the Bordeaux International Wine Institute, it sounds great and for sure it tastes great ? I think that is the first university where I’ve seen such a course ? I have to admit that I find it really amazing!

Please see my former Spanish interview.

What is the student-teacher ratio in Groupe INSEEC?

It depends of the program and if students are working in group or attending lectures in amphitheater.

What are the tuition fees for Romanians that want to study at INSEEC?

The same as the tuition fees for French students.

Are there any scholarship for Romanian students?

No but the French government  can help them for the accommodation, thanks to the “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales”  and give each foreign student who applies for it an Allocation pour le Logement”

As Romanian students are European they can also apply for a Contrat de professionnalisation  if they want to study and work part time  in a company.

How is the student life in Bordeaux ? How about the other locations?

The student life in Bordeaux is one of the best in France really.

Because of the city very attractive, the quality of life. We live in a very secured area.

Life is simple for every matters.

Bordeaux is considered as “Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco”.

The other locations are all the same since we live very closed from beautiful spaces such as : Bassin d’Arcachon, Dune du Pyla, Saint Emilion, Médoc…

Is living in Bordeaux cheap or expensive ? How much do you estimate that a student need per month for living costs?

Let’s say that you will need about 400 euros for accommodation (and you will be able to obtain an aid for accommodation) and let’s count about 300 euros for expenses life (food, transports, extras).

What extra –curricular activities are available for the student that desires to come and study in Bordeaux?

Surf, skate, football, rugby, wine tours, golf, in fact every kind of sports + cultural activities.

Can Romanian students work part time in order to pay their living costs in Bordeaux ? What are the main domain where they can work before graduating ?

Yes Romanian students can work part time (and that would be easier if they speak French of course). It is possible in all fieds of work that are usually offered to students.

Do you have agreements with other universities ? What universities ?

We have about 200 bilateral agreements with foreign universities. The list is available on our website.

Our students can also study in our own campuses located abroad : London, Monaco, Chicago and very soon in San Francisco

Do you have agreements for internships with companies from France ?

Of course we have sustainable and reliable contacts with companies from France.

Each year INSEEC  organizes a “Forum des Entreprises” where Recruitment managers come with their jobs offers.

What are the job prospectives after finishing a degree or a master in INSEEC ?

Our students can apply and find jobs as executives in medium and king size companies in all areas linked to Business Administration (Finance, Communication, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, International Management) in different fields and especially in the Wine Trade.

Instead of an endspeech, is there anything that I might omitted about studying at INSEEC ?

Just come one week to visit our school and our city and that will confort you in your decision to study in our beautiful country !!!

Cu reprezentantii Groupului Inseec va puteti intalni in data de 16 Octombrie 2013 la Targul de Universitati din Strainatate organizat in Colegiul National “Iulia Hasdeu” intre orele 10:00 si 15:00. Va asteptam!


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