Earth University from Costa Rica – Interview with Kelly Petersen

Today we went to Costa Rica to find out more about this amazing university, Earth University, Kelly Petersen (Communications Specialist)  helped us to know better Earth University from Costa Rica!

Where are the Earth University campuses located?

EARTH has two campuses, both in Costa Rica: one is in Guacimo, Costa Rica in the humid tropics, and the other is in Liberia (town), Guanacaste (region) in the dry tropics.


A student gains hands-on experience in nearby communtiies.Hands on experience for a student from Earth University

Do you offer Bachelor and also Masters degrees?

No. We only offer one degree program: a licenciatura degree, which is between a B.S. and an M.S., in Agricultural Sciences.

What kind of Master’s degree do you offer?

We currently do not offer Master’s programs; however, we are currently in the feasibility and planning stages to introduce a collaborative global master’s program together with the American University of Beirut in Global Health and Sustainable Development. For more information please visit:

What are the minimum entry requirements for getting admitted to an undergraduate degree?

All students admitted to EARTH must finish secondary school or be scheduled to finish before beginning classes at EARTH. They must also demonstrate, through their high school grades and an exam issued by EARTH, a capacity to be academically successful.  Beyond that, when selecting students our faculty look for:

  • Vocation for agriculture
  • Environmental and social awareness and commitment
  • Maturity, communication skills and interpersonal relations
  • Leadership skills and teamwork

What exam should a Romanian take in order to get admitted to your university? For example what is the procedure for admission?

After completing the online application process, pre-selected students will be invited for an interview, during which time students will also take an exam to test math skills and logical thinking.  No other exams are required.

????????A sunny day on Earth’s tropical campus

Do you accept Romanian Baccalaureate for admissions?

Yes, as long as the candidate has successfully fulfilled all of the high school graduation requirements in their country, they will be considered as a potential EARTH candidate.

What is the usual cost for an undergraduate degree?

The total cost for 2014 is $24,000 which includes tuition, room and board, health insurance and learning material for the entire year.

Are there any financial aids/scholarships for students?

We offer personalized financial aid packages, which may include scholarship awards and/or loans, based on a thorough assessment and verification of the financial capacity of each student. However, most of our scholarship awards are provided by donors who have specific interest in supporting students from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.  Therefore, it is unlikely scholarship awards would be available to Romanian students and advisable that interested students look for support independent of the Institution.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A typical Earth Dormitory

What about the student’s life at Earth University?

Our students have an intense academic load, with classes starting at 6:30 in the morning and ending at 6:30 at night Monday-Friday and until noon on Saturday. They are also responsible for running an enterprise or conducting research for their graduation process on their time outside of class.
In spite of this demanding schedule, our students enjoy a rich social life and opportunities to participate in on campus activities such as painting, art, dance, theatre and sports.
All EARTH students live with a roommate of the same gender but a different nationality to increase cultural knowledge and understanding. Currently there are students from 36 countries at EARTH.

What is the usual price of living cost in Costa Rica? How much do you estimate a UE student need to spend per month for food/books/accommodation and other important stuff?

Our students do not need to factor in costs for learning material or housing, as it is included in the annual cost. However, there are personal expenses such as personal hygiene products, food purchased off campus and any personal trips taken off campus. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, the amount of “pocket money” needed per month could vary between $50 and $150 dollars.

Do you offer accommodation?

All students are required to live in the dormitories on campus (single-sex, with shared bathrooms, with a roommate.)
Do the students need to undergo an internship during their studies at Earth University?

Yes: all students are required to complete 15-week practical internship in their home country or another country of their choosing.
Do you have partnerships with other universities, so that students can take semester or year abroad at a partner university?

The current academic plan for the University does not allow for students to study abroad for extended periods of time, but they are encouraged to explore international options for the mandatory 15-week internship during their third year.

????????????????????????????????????The Earth Multicultural Fair is the biggest event of the year

What about the career opportunities after the graduation?

The academic program is designed so that students can build an impressive resume from the extensive practical experience in the field, work in the communities, internships and running their own business as part of the Entrepreneurial Projects Program.
Most of our graduates are working in the private sector, with some 23% of alumni with 10 or more years since graduating running their own or family business. Our graduates work in diverse areas, including agriculture and livestock production, conservation and forestry, food processing and commercialization, carbon neutrality, waste management and community development.

Do you have Romanian students that are studying right now with you?

Currently, we have students from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. We have one European student (Sweden).
Why should students choose Earth University?
You should choose EARTH University because everything at EARTH—from our admissions process, to the buildings, to the teaching methods, to the curriculum—have been deliberately designed to make sure that young people entering our program acquire the mindset and skill set needed to become highly influential global citizens and leaders who will build a more prosperous and just future.
The rich multicultural experience and socioeconomic diversity of our student body will give students a better understanding of the world.  Finally, after four years of study, students not only become exceptional professionals and entrepreneurs, they become concerned and contentious citizens better able to make a positive impact on society.

Instead of an end speech, if I omitted something please let us now.
Additional useful information: for students who do not speak Spanish we provide an optional intensive Spanish learning program that begins five months before class starts. Students have personalized Spanish language instruction and live with local Costa Rican families to maximize learning. The Spanish program begins in August (the cost of the program is $6,000 and includes the same benefits as the regular program for the five months before the start of classes).
For non-Spanish speaking students, the deadline for applications for the 2015 school year has passed.  If the student speaks Spanish, the application should be completed online by June 1.  Students interested in applying to EARTH for the 2016 school year must submit their application no later than April 1, 2015.
Due to the small number of European applicants and the infrequency of staff travel to the region, European candidates should be prepared to travel to the Americas for the interview and testing.


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