Florida Institute of Technology

Brand new interview about Florida Institute of Technology, one of the best national doctoral granting universities in US.


florida_institute_of_technology_logo1.Where is the Florida Institute of Technology located?

Florida Tech is located in Melbourne, Florida, along the east coast of Florida.   We are about 1 hour east of Orlando on the coast, 30 miles south of Kennedy Space Center

2.Do you offer Bachelor and also Masters degrees?

We are a doctoral research university so bachelors, Masters and PhD programs are offered, about 150 degrees in total

3.What kind of Bachelor degree do you offer?

Bachelor degrees are offered in 5 colleges, College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Aeronautics, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts and College of Business   In total, over 70 bachelors degrees

4.What kind of Master degree do you offer?

Masters degrees are also offered in all colleges with about 70 Masters programs   There are also 25 PhD programs

5.Why should students choose University of Law? What is special about FIT?

GPA is the most important factor so we like to see at least a 2.7 gpa in high school or secondary school   1-2 letters of recommendation are required and a one page personal statement.  There is no SAT required.   TOEFL or IELTS is only required to enroll, for the issuance of the I 20


6.What are the minimum entry requirements for getting admitted to an undergraduate degree?

Varies for postgraduate programs.  All require at least a 3.0, some a 3.2 and some ask for GRE, recommendation letters and statement of purpose

7.What are the minimum entry requirements for getting admitted to a postgraduate degree?

Varies for postgraduate programs.  All require at least a 3.0, some a 3.2 and some ask for GRE, recommendation letters and statement of purpose

8.What exams should a Romanian/EU take in order to get admitted to your university? Is there something different from the normal applying procedure?

No exams are required, except the GRE in some Masters and PhD programs

9.What is the usual cost for an undergraduate degree?

Undergrad total cost ranges from $45000-$48000 per year, which includes housing, books and meals

10.Are there any available scholarships for Romanians/EU students? Can they apply for scholarships via EducationUSA?

Scholarships are awarded automatically at the time of admission, based on grades and a good recommendation letter.

11.What about the student’s life at Florida Institue of Technology?

We have a very active campus life.  There are over 1700 international students on a campus of 4600 and they come from 105 countries and all 50 of the united states.  The climate is mild so there is a lot of outdoor activities.  Research and project work is popular as well as beach activities.

There are over 100 clubs and activities and also student day trips each term organized to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.

12.What is the usual price of living cost there? How much do you estimate a Romanian/EU student need to spend per month for food/books/accommodation and other important stuff?

On campus housing is required for undergraduate students and any under 21 or with less than 24 hours of transfer credit.   Off campus housing is very affordable.  Apartments are near campus and can cost from $400-$800 per month for a one or two bedroom apartment.  Food is not expensive in this area since we are not in a major city.

13.Does the students need to undergo an internship during their studies at Florida Institute of Technology?

Every undergraduate student has to do something to graduate so many have internship opportunities, some do a major research project, some do a major senior design project.  Business students are required to do an internship.  We are located in the 4th largest high tech work force region in the country with 5000 hi tech companies nearby so there are many opportunities for research and internships. We also prepare students well for employment by sessions offered in the career center.  Sessions are held on resume writing, interviewing skills, mock interviews and even on how to dress to impress

14.Do you have partnerships with other universities, so that students can take semester or year abroad at a partner university?

We have a few partnerships but more often students choose summer study abroad.

15.Do you have Romanian students that are studying right now with you?

We only have one Romanian student right now, hope more enroll this fall and in the future!  I also know one Romanian faculty member quite well.

16.Can a Romanian work part-time during his studies there?

Yes, all students can work part time.  In the US the law has also changed for graduates of STEM schools such as ours. They are now allowed to remain in the USA for employment up to 29 months after graduation.

17.What are the work perspectives after finishing such a degree at FIT?

FIT has a very high placement rate of 95% after graduation, so students get into top graduate schools or begin work.  We also have the highest average starting salary of any school in the state of Florida   I will send you a list of accolades as well.


Facts about Florida Institute of Technology

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For more information about admission procedure and scholarships please feel free to contact the university representative Stephanie Enstice (senstice@fit.edu). You can meet Stephanie at the upcoming SRT Fair event in Bucharest on 8th of October 2014!


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